Sunrise Elopement at Artist Point in Boulder | Ashley & Kevin

A sunrise elopement at Artist Point during the Fall is unbelievably captivating, to say the least. But, when you add a couple like Ashely and Kevin, whose love story was born out of fate and cosmic forces – the magic of love feels out of this world. This is the story of how the universe conspired to bring together two star-crossed lovers. From their happen-chance meeting on the world wide web to their destiny-driven proposal. And the beginning of their forever, which took place on a crisp autumn morning in Colorado.

Their Love Story

Ashley and Kevin’s paths first crossed on the dating site Bumble. Giving Ash the opportunity to reach out to Kevin initially. Although she was never a fan of dating sites, something about Kevin piqued her interest. There were tons of back-and-forth conversations at first, but eventually, they decided to pick a spot to meet for the first time.

Both extremely nervous, they noticed the brewery they had chosen was busy beyond comfort. While both in their separate vehicles, they messaged each other and compromised on a different spot — this little brewery down the road.

Ash was quiet from the start but also very observant of Kevin’s mannerisms, lighthearted nature, and aura that spilled out as kindness. After a couple of glasses of liquid courage, the conversation progressed in more of a balanced ping-pong dynamic. They shared things about their past that neither one would normally express on a first date. It felt oddly comfortable, like they’ve known each other a while.

After the brewery experience, they concluded that the date was not supposed to end yet. They ventured to a nearby bowling alley, where Kevin discovered Ash was a pretty good bowler. Finally, it was time to part ways. Before both headed off in different directions, they shared a goodbye hug. This hug felt different and familiar at the same time. It felt like home, which was not a feeling either of them had felt in anyone else before. The conversations never stopped after that, and they both knew this was not the end of their story but the start of something beautiful.

The Proposal

Kevin and Ash took a road trip to Missouri to visit family and ultimately get out for a little adventure. Kevin casually planned a day to visit the St. Louis Aquarium because he knew Ash was a sucker for anything animal related. After going through several exhibits, they found themselves in front of this gargantuan tank that emitted the most blue light. It was mesmerizing to sit and watch the fish flow in formation. Kevin took Ash’s hand as they stood directly in front of the tank, and while strategically avoiding a crowd, Kevin took one knee, looking up at Ash. Still oblivious, Ash asked what he was doing. After popping the question, she realized what was actually happening and stumbled on her words in the process. Tears flowed down her face as he slid the ring onto her finger. and by that time, a small crowd walked in and quickly recognized what took place and politely stayed back.

After leaving the inside of the aquarium, they walked to this large koi pond. There was a gum ball-shaped feeding station that allowed you to feed the koi. Kevin walked back to the feeding station to fill his hand up with more fish food when all of a sudden — a little splat of what resembled poop fell in his arm. He looked up, confused since there was nothing in his sight to gauge who or what did this. Seconds later, a much larger splat came crashing onto him, covering his shirt and whole arm. All Ash heard from 30 feet away was Kevin exclaiming, “WHAT THE HELL?!”. Ash couldn’t help but cackle, and luckily, Kevin’s dad gifted him a shirt that we placed in our car beforehand. Later on, they googled the meaning of being pooped on by what they concluded was a bird. Turns out that it’s good luck after proposing. Who would’ve thought?

Sunrise Elopement at Artist Point in Boulder

Ashley and Kevin chose to elope in Colorado for a number of reasons: They had visited in the past and immediately fell in love with the mountains. They also loved the fact that witnesses are not required to elope in Colorado. So, they decided a private sunrise elopement at Artist Point would be the perfect fit for them. Turns out, they were right.

Some couples, like Ashley and Kevin, know exactly when and where they want to elope. Others know where, but they don’t know when. That’s where we come in! While we are big fans of both sunrise and sunset elopements, it’s best to choose the time of day that works best for you. Check our resource below to find out whether you should have a sunrise or sunset elopement!

On the morning of September 1st, just before the sun peaked on Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, these two star-crossed lovers stood hand in hand for their private elopement ceremony.

Once again, fate was on their side, as it couldn’t have been a more perfect autumn morning to start their journey to forever together. With their officiant, Stephen’s guidance, their ceremony began. Kevin shared his vows first as Ashley listened intently, wiping tears away at his heartfelt promises. She followed with hers, evoking the same honest tears to fall from her groom’s face. It was an emotional but beautiful moment, to say the least. After tucking their vow books away, they pulled out their rings while verbally committing to their promises, then slid the rings into place.

Kevin delicately reached for his bride’s face, and there, in the light of day, they kissed for the first time as husband and wife. It was a sunrise elopement at Artist Point that was magical beyond measure and everything they hoped it would be.

Their sunrise elopement could not be complete with a few newlywed portraits. They spent time exploring Flagstaff mountain, soaking in the mountain views and the fact that they were officially together forever.

Artist Point Vendors

Photographer | Brooke with Colorado Photographer Squad

Officiant | Stephen with Ceremonies with Lisa

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