Should You Elope At Sunrise Or Sunset?

If you’re anything like most people, you already realize that choosing a date for your wedding or elopement is one of the most critical decisions you will make in the process. However, you may not realize that the time of day in which you get married can also have a big impact on your special day. 

Often, couples select a time for their ceremony based on the type of wedding they plan to have. Other couples don’t have a strong preference for the time of day in which they get married and allow vendors to dictate to them a time that will make the most sense from the practical standpoint. 

As a team of experienced elopement photographers local to Colorado, we can tell you that this seemingly insignificant detail is more important than you may think. Aside from the obvious romance factor, there are some serious reasons why you and your boo may want to discuss eloping at either sunrise or sunset.

Your Pictures Will Be More Dramatic

Obviously, as elopement photographers, we are always going to be a bit more biased towards the times of day that will produce the best photos. The Colorado sunrises and sunsets are dramatic and we have beautiful effects like reddish-orange alpenglow light on the mountains.

Here in the Rockies, this phenomenon is so dramatic because it illuminates the mountains and steals your breath away. The result at sunrise is an overwhelming feeling of peace and hope. I recommend sunrise if you are especially interested in seeing alpenglow because you’re more likely to have clear skies.

Afternoon thunderstorms in the summer also lead to some amazingly colorful sunsets because of the clouds! And I have to admit – I love the intense sun right before sunset that causes such drama in the shadows of the scene. 

From a photography standpoint, I can’t stress enough the effect that this type of lighting will have on the end result of your photos. The way that the mountains and the sky explode with color will not only be flattering for you and your spouse but they will make your wedding photos pop like no other.

It Adds More Romance To The Moment

What could be more romantic than the sun rising or descending behind the mountains as you say your vows?! Getting married at sunrise will fill you with a sense of hope and symbolize the new journey on which you are about to embark together. Being showered in golden and magenta light as the sun sets and the night begins is the epitome of a romantic wedding ceremony. In fact, your surroundings will be so majestic you can skip all that expensive decor and let the focus be on the promises you are making to one another. 

You Won’t Have To Fight The Crowds

Many couples here in Colorado elope in one of our local attractions or stunning parks. During the middle of the day, these places can become insanely crowded which means having to deal with strangers becoming interlopers to your intimate moment. Nobody wants that! However, even some of the most popular elopement venues like Rocky Mountain National Park and Garden Of The Gods have far fewer people during the early morning and late evening hours. 

You Have More Time To Enjoy Your Wedding Day

If you are a morning person that won’t mind waking up hours before sunrise to get ready for a sunrise elopement, you and your new spouse will get to enjoy the entire day together celebrating afterward. 

On the flip side, if you opt for a sunset elopement you can take your time getting ready and embark on an adventure. For example, you can spend the afternoon hiking to one of the glorious peaks and then exchange vows during sunset. 

Would You Rather Elope At Sunrise Or Sunset?

I always love hearing the different perspectives and opinions of brides and grooms and I would love to hear yours as well! Please comment below and share your thoughts on eloping at sunrise or sunset. Which do you think is more romantic?

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