Wanna join the squad?

We don’t blame you. We’re pretty awesome.

Here’s something we know: There are other companies that have teams of photographers in Colorado. We’ve worked for them. We know you get paid low wages to “build your portfolio.” We know (during COVID especially) that you're left high and dry when couples cancel or postpone.

We ain’t that. You're valued here.

What to expect

We photograph the weddings and elopements you see on this site. Couples in love who want stunning backdrops here in Colorado and care about their experience. We are not low-budget and we don’t pay low wages.

Feel Valued

Working with The Colorado Photographer Squad means you’ll never enter a wedding or elopement day blindly. You’ll talk to the actual couple before the day and know a ton of information about them and what they want. We want you to feel connected to them so they have a truly personal, customized experience.

We want you to feel valued so you make our couples feel valued. A little bit about what goes into working with us:

Get paid

Signed contracts that protect us both

Retainers for reserving a date on the calendar

Flexibility on how far out you're willing to commit to a date.


We’ll pay your travel fees (no one deserves to drive on i70 without some incentive)

We include extra pay, “overtime pay” for unforeseen circumstances.

Meet The Team

















Now that you know...

Here's what we expect from you.

Carry and provide proof of insurance

Carry or be willing to purchase the Boulder OSMP permit

Carry or be willing to purchase the RMNP permit (day use or annual)

Carry or be willing to purchase the JeffCo permit


Sound like something you’re interested in? We would love to chat with you!

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

What the faq?

Can I work for you?

If you’re interested in joining our team as an associate photographer, second photographer, social media manager or contact creator fill out the contact form below.

Is this a full time position?

All of our photographers are independent contractors on a work-for-hire basis. We do not guarantee a certain number of work hours.

How far in advance do we have to commit to dates?

As early as you want! Some of our clients' book is as far as 18 months in advance before their wedding or elopement. We ask that our lead photographers sign a contract and commit no later than 90 days before a wedding or elopement date and our second photographers commit no later than 60 days before.

How often do you have opportunities?

We reach out to photographers based on client personalities, style and preferences and the number of jobs/inquiries vary.

What happens if a client cancels or postpones their event?

As soon as you sign a contract and put a couple’s date on your calendar we pay you a retainer for reserving the date on your calendar. If the client cancels or postpones for any reason you will keep the retainer.

What is the time commitment?

Aside from showing up and photographing on the day of the wedding/elopement, we ask that you be available for a 30-60 minute phone call or video chat if the couple requests it.

How are our photos delivered?

Your photos are delivered in an online gallery where you’ll have access to download, share and print your photos. Don’t worry - you aren’t required to order prints through us! (though we might cry a little bit if you have them printed at a Walgreens)

Do you travel?

Our team is happy to travel within Colorado! We’re experts on this state, the permits required to photograph here and all carry insurance to do so. If you’re getting married outside of Colorado we’re always happy to shout out other photographers in the industry that would be a better fit!

Do we need insurance / permits?

Yes. We require all of our independent contractors to carry liability insurance and have the appropriate permits for the locations we photograph in. The most common permits required are Boulder OSMP, Rocky Mountain National Park and JeffCo.

Do we need to cull or edit our photos?

We allow photographers to cull their galleries (for more money, and only if requested, of course) after they have done at least 5 weddings or elopements with our team. Editing is always handled by our dedicated team of editors for quality assurance and to ensure turn around times.

How much experience do we need?

We ask that our lead photographers have at least 30 weddings / elopements under their belt. Otherwise, we’re happy to start you out as a second photographer.

What kind of gear do we need?

All of our elopement photographers are required to shoot with two full-frame / mirrorless camera bodies with dual slots. Our wedding photographers must also have gear for on or off-camera flash.

Can we request certain days only?

Yes! Most of our couples elope on Mon-Fri and big weddings are reserved for Friday-Sunday. If there are specific days you prefer not to work we can save those preferences.

Is the pay negotiable?

We pay above industry standard for all of our photographer positions, but are happy to pay higher rates for people with more experience, or that have done at least 30 weddings or elopements with our team

Become a team member

If you don’t believe love is love, then you’re in the wrong place, friend. We are LGBTQIA+ affirming and we believe that Black Lives Matter and all are welcome here. Love knows no bounds and we will never discriminate based on gender, ability, sexual orientation, or beliefs. (We might not get along if you don’t like Chipotle, but it’s not a dealbreaker ok?)