There is no “I” in Squad, but somebody had to start it

Hi, I’m that someone.

The “I” that became a squad ...

I’m Sharee. After more than a decade of photographing weddings and elopements in Colorado, I saw an opportunity. I worked with hundreds of couples here, helping them plan their big day. I built a team of amazing associate photographers and second shooters that I trusted with my life and brand reputation. I developed close relationships with editors who made my work come alive even more. I realized that if I put all that together, I could build a pretty incredible experience for people who want to get married in our beautiful state.


It’s astounding how many times my couples have had less-than-stellar experiences with other vendors or photographers. Like people not replying to emails, experiences feeling impersonal or unprofessional, photos taking months to be delivered, or not being able to find a photographer that they connected with and had an editing style that didn’t feel “trendy”.


And on the other side of things, I’ve seen so many photographers who are insanely talented and creative and love the actual photo-taking, but they loathe the marketing, emailing, and editing that goes hand-in-hand with building and running a photography business.


While the Colorado Photographer Squad consists primarily of talented local photographers, our team also includes other dedicated professionals to make your experience working with our team the best of the best. By working with a concierge, editing, and design team our photographers get to focus on forming a personal connection with you, having the energy to document your day, and don’t need to worry about the logistics of anything else because you’re in the best of hands with other amazing team members every step of the way.



Doesn’t that sound so fancy? You deserve it. We literally want you to feel like someone is at your beck and call. When you email, you’ll get super-fast responses, undivided attention, and personalized recommendations. You’ll chat with our concierge about all your needs until you’re matched with your photographer.



We have a talented, experienced photographer to fit your every need: we’ve got detail-obsessed, unposed and candid, specific posing, fully documentary, and more. And we're obviously all a real good time too.



This is a signature piece of our team. Our editors really want to bring your vision to life. Whether you prefer dark and moody or bright and whimsical, they can make it happen. They work closely with our concierge and photographers to ensure the final result is exactly what you had in mind the whole time.



We’ll never require you to order your prints or albums through us, but if you decide you want to our team of designers can help you create something, we are IN. We can help with wall art or stunning albums your family and future generations will cherish for years to come.

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Proof that we're good at what we do

Wanna join the squad?

We don’t blame you. We’re pretty awesome.

You’ve got the gear

You’ve got the experience,

You’ve got the personality for it


...but you’ll be the happiest version of yourself if you never have to respond to an email or spend hours in front of the computer again.

It’s okay if you had your blinders on and didn’t realize that running a photography business is 10% of taking photos and 90% of grunt-work. Let us let you do the pieces that you love again and we’ll handle the rest.

We’re not Google and we don’t have awesome break rooms or crazy benefits, but we will treat you exactly how we want to be treated (by paying you well and making your life working with us easy peasy).

If you don’t believe love is love, then you’re in the wrong place, friend. We are LGBTQIA+ affirming and we believe that Black Lives Matter and all are welcome here. Love knows no bounds and we will never discriminate based on gender, ability, sexual orientation, or beliefs. (We might not get along if you don’t like Chipotle, but it’s not a dealbreaker ok?)