Sunset Elopement at Artist Point in Boulder on Flagstaff Mountain | Crystal and Jason

In the midst of an unforgiving global pandemic, Crystal and Jason’s love story unfolded with a right swipe on Bumble. Their journey was nothing short of extraordinary. It was evident from the moment they locked eyes on their very first date. Where a hand-hold turned into an undeniable pull to one another. And lots of small shared moments were spent getting to know each other in the months that followed. A pandemic and several dates later, Jason proposed to Crystal with a romantic rendition of “20 Questions.” The final question led to an immediate “yes.” Then, a few weeks later, they celebrated their love during their sunset elopement at Artist Point. We were lucky enough to witness it all. Here is the story of their love.

Their Love Story

It all started in the middle of a Pandemic. When two perfect strangers logged onto a dating site and let fate and their best intentions take the lead. Their first date was at a local restaurant. When they got to know each other behind masks – due to the state of the world. Jason wore a fuzzy orange one that Crystal thought was ridiculous but loved it all the same. She was quiet and sweet but shy, and he was engaging and offered his own version of nervous ramblings. They balanced each other perfectly. ⁠By the end of the date, they felt an undeniable pull toward each other. They shared the most incredible first kiss and left hoping to see one another again despite the restrictions. ⁠

Thankfully, they could meet for walks and dates here and there and, eventually, committed to one another. It was a slow and steady but beautiful love story. ⁠

The Proposal

A few years later, during an evening stroll at the Morton Arboretum. Jason concocted a romantic game of 20 questions. When “marriage” became the answer, he sealed the deal with a ring.

This occurred just a few weeks before they contacted us to photograph their sunset elopement at Artist Point.

A Sunset Elopement at Artist Point

On the evening of August 6th, as the sun dipped below the horizon, Jason and Crystal stood hand in hand, ready to embark on a new chapter of their love story. Their decision to elope at this breathtaking location was born out of an unwavering desire to celebrate their love amongst Colorado’s gorgeous landscapes.

As they exchanged their handwritten vows and rings, the world seemed to stand still. Crystal’s eyes shimmered with tears of joy, and Jason’s voice quivered with emotion as they promised to cherish each other forever. Their love, steadfast and unwavering, was palpable in the cool mountain air.

After the exchange of vows, they performed a beautiful and intimate rose ceremony. The roses, a vibrant reflection of their shared experiences, intertwined beautifully with the natural beauty of their sunset elopement at Artist Point. Creating a scene that could only be described as magical.

Witnessing and photographing the fusion of Jason’s admiration for Crystal and her affinity for him was truly remarkable. So much charm, laughter, and hands that fit together like puzzle pieces.

Their Artist Point elopement, just like their entire love story, was a true reflection of their spontaneous and passionate spirits. It was a testament to the power of seizing the moment, embracing love in its purest form, and celebrating it in a place that would forever mark their new beginning together.

Crystal and Jason’s love story at Artist Point has taught us that love transcends time and circumstance. As well as a testament to the beauty of seizing the moment. Planning a last-minute elopement need not be daunting; rather, it can be a celebration of love in its purest form. Check out our resources below to learn how to plan a last-minute Coloraod elopement!

Need help planning your Colorado elopement? The resource below is for you!


Photographer | Sharee with Colorado Photographer Squad

Officiant | Lisa with Ceremonies with Lisa

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