Intimate Sprague Lake Elopement Ceremony in Rocky Mountain National Park | Paige & Kale

Paige and Kale’s summer elopement at Sprague Lake took place on the most gorgeous day in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was a day filled with love, honest intentions, and perfect surprises.

Their Love Story

Paige and Kale went to the same High School back in the day. However, it wasn’t until years later that they reconnected. It was over Christmas break In 2017. They started talking before Kale left on deployment. Which sparked a connection they didn’t realize had been there all along. Over the next 4 months, they talked non-stop. When Kale returned home in April, they “officially” started dating and never looked back.

The Proposal

Paige and Kale decided they wanted to elope before there was a ring on Paige’s finger. In fact, they talked about marriage quite often and knew they wanted to get married in one of their favorite places – Colorado. One day, in their new home, Kale popped the question. It was sweet and simple, just like them.

Summer Elopement at Sprague Lake

As Colorado Elopement Photographers, we are always thrilled when a couple decides to elope in one of our National Parks. We are firm believers that National Park elopements are a great choice for couples. This being said, there are a few things you need to know about eloping in a public space.

If you’re hoping for a more intimate elopement ceremony (one without on-lookers), there are ways to decrease your chances of running into them.⁠ Choosing a weekday for your elopement or opting for a breathtaking sunrise or sunset ceremony can greatly reduce the likelihood of encountering others.

Obviously, park visitors will come and go as they please. Therefore, this isn’t a foolproof option. The good news? Yes, there is good news. Strangers who happen to be at the same place at the same time are generally very respectful of your space. ⁠

This was the case for Paige and Kale, who chose to have a summer elopement at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. ⁠They had every intention of keeping their day intimate; they even chose to elope on a weekday. They kept their guest list small: just the two of them, their officiate, and their photographer. ⁠

Wondering why we love a National Park elopement? Check out our resource below.

When Strangers Become Friends

Once their ceremony began, their intended, intimate elopement slowly grew in size. As Paige and Kale exchanged their vows on the gorgeous Sprague Lake, a group of strangers adoringly watched from a distance. Fortunately, this crowd was kind, incredibly giving, and the best cheerleaders for their love.

After making it official, the crowd of strangers walked over to the newlyweds to congratulate them on their nuptials. Some even gifted them cash and Venmoed them for celebratory drinks! Then, in a heartwarming twist, a talented painter, who had been observing their ceremony from across the lake, surprised the couple with a stunning painting she had created during their special moment. It was a beautiful and unexpected gift that captured the essence of their love and will forever serve as a cherished memento of their wedding day.

It was quite a chain of unexpected, perfect moments that effortlessly added to Paige and Kale’s newlywed glow. ⁠

Sprague Lake Sunset Farewell

After saying thank you to their new fan base, Paige and Kale popped a bottle of bubbly in celebration! Then they spent the rest of their evening exploring the beauty of Sprague Lake as the sun started to set on their summer elopement.

The moral of the story: plan for the kind of elopement experience you want, and take the unexpected moments with grace. Sometimes, strangers become friends, and unplanned moments become some of the most memorable parts of your day.

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Sprague Lake Vendors

Officiant | Corine from Ceremonies with Lisa

Photographer | Brooke with Colorado Photographer Squad

Hair and Makeup | Estes Park Bridal Company

Bridal Bouquet | Sola Wood Flowers

Dress | David’s Bridal

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