Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding | Alysha & Jay

“This is just as much of a marriage as it is a contract for a life of adventure.” This sweet sentiment is what Alysha shared with her new husband, Jay, during their Sunrise Amphitheater wedding. We don’t know about you, but we couldn’t agree with her more!

Getting married is exactly like locking in your lifetime adventure partner! Your wedding day is when you commit to creating a life of beautiful adventures with your favorite person in the world. It’s the begging of the most incredible experience you’ll ever take together. And what better way to start that epic adventure than with a Sunrise Amphitheater wedding at sunset?

Their Love Story

Alysha and Jay’s love was written in the stars long before they ever realized it. Their story started when they were young, but they weren’t anything more than acquaintances at the time. Years later, through mutual friends, their paths crossed again. This time they got to know each other a little better and decided to go on a date. They had their first date at a coffee shop in their hometown. They talked about philosophy and the goals they had for their lives. While this may sound like a loaded first-date topic for some, it wasn’t for these two. In fact, that date was the final stepping stone to their story. After that day in the coffee shop, Alysha and Jay were finally on the same path.

Their Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding

Alysha and Jay always dreamt of getting married in the mountains. Particularly somewhere they had never been. They wanted their day to be relaxed, mellow, and romantic. A day where they could feel safe, happy, and completely focused on each other. So, they decided to have a Sunrise Amphitheater wedding with their families there to support them.

Alysha and Jay’s grand adventure began on a gorgeous summer evening in August.

Instead of walking down the aisle separately or with a parent or other family member by their side – these two did something different. They walked down the aisle, hand in hand, together. It was so unique and incredibly powerful to see them walking down the aisle together to the beat of their own drum.

With views of Boulder in the distance, Alysha and Jay shared their handwritten vows during an intimate, emotional ceremony. They said their “I dos” at the perfect time – just as the sun set over the amphitheater. Then, after they exchanged their rings, sealed forever with a kiss, and captured a few photographic memories with their families, it was time for their adventure!

They said farewell to their guests and then went hiking to a “secret spot” on the mountainside. The “secret spot” was the perfect resting point to take in the iconic mountain views and laugh over a book of private notes they had written to each other.

After laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes, they made their way down the mountain to a nearby meadow. They laid out a cozy blanket and took a moment to soak in those newlywed vibes before toasting to their love and sharing a few bites of their wedding cake.

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After getting their fill of wedding cake, Alysha and Jay explored the gorgeous mountain views near Sunrise Amphitheater, documenting those first few moments as husband and wife along the way. Then, beneath the majestic cotton candy sky, underneath the (almost) full moon, the bride and groom shared their first dance.

It was the perfect ending to their day and the best reminder that life is better when spent adventuring together. 

Sunset vs. Sunrise at Sunrise Amphitheater

If you’re planning to elope, chances are you’re doing so because you seek a private, intimate experience on your wedding day. Who can blame you? However, this can become quite challenging when deciding to elope at popular locations like Sunrise Amphitheater. Fortunately, as local Colorado elopement photographers, we know how to avoid crowds and provide you with the experience you’ve been dreaming about! The solution? Opt for a sunrise or sunset elopement, just like Alysha and Jay did! By having your wedding at the beginning or end of the day, you’ll have a greater chance of having the space to yourself because most visitors won’t get up early or stay late to experience the magic of Sunrise Amphitheater!

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Officiant | Ceremonies with Lisa

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