Taylor and Blayke’s Sunrise Amphitheater Elopement with a Picnic at Artist Point

Here’s what most couples don’t realize about elopements. You can have an intimate private moment and still include your family in your day! It doesn’t have to be one or the other! Taylor and Blayke’s elopement at Sunrise Amphitheater is a case in point! From their ceremony at Sunrise Amphitheater to their romantic post-elopement picnic at Artist Point. They had the best of both worlds on their elopement day!

Their Love Story

Taylor and Blayke’s love story is a simple and sweet one. Their Mothers are best friends and introduced them to each other! After their first meeting, they jokingly called each other a “snack,” and, shortly after, became best friends themselves.

Their first date was similar to how they met. Simple and sweet. They went out for a bite to eat and spent the evening stargazing on a rooftop.

Blayke quickly realized how attracted he was to Taylor’s genuine kindness and her ability to make him laugh. Taylor was a sucker for Blayke’s sense of humor. His sweet smile and laugh made her weak in the knees. They both knew they had found something special.

On Christmas morning in 2020, Blayke proposed to Taylor. Of course, she said yes.

Their Sunrise Amphitheater Elopement

Taylor and Blayke’s Sunrise Amphitheater elopement started at sunrise on a summer day in June.

Before walking down the aisle, Taylor did something really special. She shared a first look with her Dad. After they shared a sweet father-daughter moment together, they made their way down the hill, where Blayke was waiting. Taylor hugged her Dad before he handed her off for her first look with Blayke.

It was so sweet to witness their sweet exchange and all the excitement they undeniably had for the day. They took a few moments to themselves, and when they were ready, they made their way into the amphitheater for their sunrise ceremony.

Taylor and Blayke chose to self-solemnize their ceremony, which was incredibly meaningful and romantic. With views of Boulder behind them and their loved ones facing toward them, they exchanged their handwritten vows and rings and committed to each other forever.

Shortly after they said their, I do’s; they were greeted by their number one supporter, their son, Barret Obrien. Their family followed behind with open arms, tears in their eyes, and many congratulatory hugs.

If you’re considering eloping in Colorado but can’t imagine getting married without your family and friends there, you don’t have to! There are so many Colorado elopement venues that allow you to have the best of both worlds!

Taylor & Blayke’s Picnic at Artist Point

One of the reasons couples choose to elope at Sunrise Amphitheater is because they are able to bring in their own decor and personalize their day even more. Taylor & Blayke loved this idea and came well prepared with a charming picnic setup to celebrate after their ceremony. Taylor was the mastermind behind it all and effortlessly designed the perfect picnic for her and Blayke to enjoy as they soaked in those just married feels.

After their romantic picnic at Artist Point, they spent time exploring and watching the sunset on their big day.

We love seeing the different ways couples choose to celebrate after their elopement ceremony. Getting married on your own terms is always something to celebrate, whether you throw a huge party or an intimate gathering. Wondering how to plan the perfect post-elopement celebration? We can help!

When it comes to your elopement day, embrace the fact that there are NO RULES!

If you want to start your day getting ready together. Do it!

If you want to enjoy a charcuterie board picnic smorgasbord⁠ in a meadow with your love. You should! If you can’t imagine getting married without your family there? You don’t have to, invite them to the celebration too!⁠
It’s your day; include the elements that matter most to you and your boo! 

Photographer | Marta with Colorado Photographer Squad

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