Jen and Garrett’s Elopement at Blue Lakes in Breckenridge with a Charming Picnic Setup

We are so filled with gratitude that we were able to help Jen and Garrett plan their gorgeous Fall elopement at Blue Lakes in Breckinridge and to take these gorgeous photos to document it all! These two were already a part of our client family because Garrett hired us to photograph their surprise proposal at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park during the Summer of 2020!

When Jen slid into our DMs and said they were considering pivoting from their big wedding plans in Texas to a more intimate elopement experience in the Colorado mountains I don’t think I could have shouted yes (behind a keyboard) or used any more exclamation points to show how excited and ready I was to help them make it happen!

I knew Jen and Garrett trusted me to help make something magical after their Rocky Mountain National Park proposal experience, so we chatted through what their ideal location would have/look like and I hit the drawing board (and the hiking trails). Since these two were planning a late Fall or early Winter elopement we made a Plan A, B and C for their elopement experience because in Colorado the weather can either be 80º and sunny or single-digit temps and blizzarding that time of year and even the 10-day forecast can’t keep up with how quickly it can change.

Having their elopement at Blue Lakes in Breckenridge was our Plan A because of its lakeside views, fir tree and ponderosa pine forest area, a waterfall, and of course the beautiful mountains. Quandry Peak in person is already a stunner, but Quandry Peak with snow on it is almost TOO good! We knew though, especially compared to the 2020 season, that there was a pretty good chance the road to Blue Lakes in Breckenridge could close depending on snowfall, so we had some exciting backup plans too, but we’re so glad their elopement Plan A came to fruition!

Jen and Garrett incorporated a charming little picnic set up in their elopement experience so they had an intimate mini reception space for themselves after exchanging their vows. They even had a mini cake to cut after they signed their marriage license too! After their picnic, we explored the Blue Lakes hiking trails a bit and even ventured over to a secret waterfall for a private first dance and playing in the snow! I love that these two not only had snowcapped mountains surrounding them but got to make snowballs and throw it in the air too – definitely not something a couple from Texas gets to do every day!

Their elopement at Blue Lakes in Breckenridge really was like a Pinterest board come to life and we are all for it! We can’t wait to go back here for more Colorado elopements in 2022!

This gorgeous fall elopement at Blue Lakes in Breckenridge was photographed by Sharee and edited in our bold but true-to-life editing style

Elopement Location: Breckenridge
Picnic: Colorado Luxe Picnics

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