4 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider Eloping On A Weekday

4 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider Eloping On A Weekday

So you have decided to ditch the traditional big wedding to spend a more intimate day promising your love and your life to your partner. Way to go adventure seekers! 

Your decision to elope shows that you are willing to go against the grain and stand up for the type of ceremony that you want; one that is about your promises to one another rather than putting on a show.

If you are anything like most couples planning to elope, you may not realize that it may be in your best interest to go even further against the grain by eloping on a weekday date over the weekend date. In today’s post, I am sharing some major points for you and your partner to consider before setting your elopement date. 

1. More Vendors Will Be Available

Thanks to the pandemic, the schedules of wedding vendors have been turned upside down making it very difficult to secure even a couple of vendors on the same weekend date. But even before and after the grip of the Coronavirus took hold, it could be challenging to secure contracts with all of your preferred vendors for the same date. 

However, if you opt to elope on a weekday the odds that you will have your pick of vendors skyrocket. Not to mention, some vendors and venues have reduced rates available for couples that hire them during the week. 

Especially with the covid pandemic causing many couples to push their wedding date out by a year or more, many wedding vendors are finding themselves booked up farther in advance than usual! Studies have also shown that 2022 is set to be one of the busiest years the wedding industry in Colorado has ever seen.

2. More Privacy & Fewer Crowds To Fight In The Parks 

Obviously, one of the primary reasons that anyone chooses to elope is because they want more privacy and intimacy for their ceremony. If you are anything like most couples in Colorado, you are at least considering eloping in one of our parks or trails. 

Doing this on a weekend means facing potentially huge crowds of people that have no qualms about walking through your ceremony, interrupting, or gawking at you. However, if you decide to elope on a weekday, you are far less likely to have to battle crowds that will sabotage the intimacy you were seeking.  

3. Your Date Was Taken By Something Or Someone Else

If you began planning after the coronavirus then you have probably already discovered how challenging it can be to secure a wedding or elopement date right now. Not only is there still a lot of uncertainty out there but many of the once open dates have been filled as backup dates for couples that were forced to reschedule. Since few couples are willing to get married on a weekday you will face far less resistance. 

4. You Can Save A Fortune

Just about everything gets cheaper when you elope on a weekday. If you are traveling to Colorado from out of state you will likely be able to secure a flight and hotel for less money than on a weekend. Planning to go out to dinner after your elopement ceremony? Dinner menus are often cheaper during weekdays. Hiring vendors to help make your day more special? Many offer reduced rates for a weekday event over a weekend. There are tons of ways in which eloping during the week can save you a lot of cash.

Would You Elope On A Weekday?

We always love getting to hear from newlyweds and are soo curious if you would be down to elope on a weekday! Please leave comments with your thoughts on whether you think it is worth it to get married in the middle of the week instead. 

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