Dani and Mitch’s Intimate Romantic RiverSong Inn Wedding in Estes Park

Romantic RiverSong Inn

The Wedding Venue in Estes Park, Colorado

As Colorado wedding and elopement photographers, we are constantly on the lookout for stunning and unique venues for our clients. And we have to say, the Romantic RiverSong Inn in Estes Park, Colorado is one of the most beautiful and intimate wedding venues we have had the pleasure of working at. The inn’s secluded location, nestled in the Rocky Mountains, provides a picturesque backdrop for any wedding ceremony.

We were especially impressed by the variety of indoor and outdoor ceremony options available, including a lovely gazebo overlooking the river, which is where Dani and Mitch chose to hold their intimate wedding ceremony. The inn can accommodate small weddings of up to 40 guests, making it perfect for intimate gatherings. This Estes Park wedding venue is a fantastic option for couples whose group sizes exceed the 30-person max at the largest Rocky Mountain National Park ceremony sites, couples who want wedding venues with on-site lodging. These couples want to have their dog at the ceremony, or couples that want to have a ceremony and reception for their elopement or micro-wedding experience.

The experienced staff is also such a great help in creating a customized wedding package that meets my client’s unique needs AND budgets. If you’re looking for a venue that will make your wedding photographs truly special, we highly recommend considering the Romantic RiverSong Inn. To see other beautiful weddings and elopements we have photographed in Estes Park, click the button below!

Their Love Story

Never dismiss the power of an online dating app. Dani & Mitch were a match made in Bumble heaven. You know the one where the girl finds boy. Girl likes boy. Guy likes girl back. Guy (Mitch) asks Girl (Dani) out to a brewery for their first date. The beer must of been good that night, because their following two dates were also at breweries. And the rest.. continues below.

The Proposal

It was the evening on the 23rd of July. Mitch had made dinner reservations for just the two of them in their hometown. After their delicious dinner, Dani suggested they go for a walk around downtown Madison. Mitch agreed and ended up walking them to a pier on lake Mendota. It was there that he got down on one knee and proposed to Dani. As if that wasn’t surprising enough, moments later, Dani’s sister and her brother-in-law trolled in on their boat! Dani and Mitch hopped in and enjoyed a sunset cruise while calling their parents about the news.

The Wedding Day

On a very early summer morning in July, Dani & Mitch started getting ready for their intimate wedding at Romantic Riversong Inn in Estes Park. Once they finished getting ready, they shared a private first look along the river amongst the gorgeous greeny at the inn. Afterward, they headed to hike Seven Benches Trail to spend some quality time together and take portraits before their ceremony.

Mother of the bride helps her get ready for her wedding at Romantic RiverSong Inn in Estes Park
The beautiful bride finishes getting ready at Romantic RiverSong Inn in Estes Park for her wedding

Once the ceremony was set up and their guests were seated, Dani walked down the aisle with her parents to meet Mitch under the arch by the river. Mitch’s brother, their officiant, opened the ceremony with a heartfelt welcome speech. Followed by a reading from Dani’s sister.

They exchanged their personal hand-written vows, followed by their rings. Then, it was time to seal it with a kiss and make it official!

After their ceremony, they had an intimate reception at the Romantic Riversong Inn with champagne and some sweet treats. Mitch’s brother and Dani’s sister shared a few kind words that made everyone a little teary-eyed.

Their reception was sweet, intimate, and filled with the most supportive and genuine love. They ended their wedding day with their first “last dance” right there in the garden of the inn.

If you’re thinking about planning a small wedding, here’s a checklist to help you get started!:

1. Decide who you’re inviting to your small wedding⁠
2. Think about where you will have your ceremony and reception if you’re planning to have one! ⁠
3. Hire your wedding vendors! If you need help connecting with some local Colorado vendors, we got you! ⁠
4. Make sure you have the logistics down packed⁠
5. Invite others virtually⁠if you wish! ⁠
6. Have the best day ever with your favorite people! ⁠

The Vendors

Estes Park Wedding Venue | Romantic RiverSong Inn
Photographer | Natasha with Colorado Photographer Squad
Dress Boutique | White Dress Off The Rack
Dress Designer | Chic Nostalgia
Menswear | Tom James Company
Ring Designers | The Diamond Center

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