Moraine Park Amphitheater and Dream Lake Elopement at Sunrise in Rocky Mountain National Park

It’s all about the experience you want to have on your elopement day. This starts with a vision of what you want your dream day to look and feel like. Emma and Aidan wanted to soak in every moment of their day, which meant waking up at 2:30 am to get ready and heading out on a hike with enough time to catch the sunrise for their Dream Lake elopement.

It might have been an early morning, but witnessing the alpenglow light up the mountains surrounding Dream Lake was 1000% worth every minute of lost sleep.

Their Love Story

Emma and Aiden’s love story began after Aidan matched Emma on the friendly dating app, Bumble. It only took them two days to make plans for their first date after they matched. However, their initial coffee date was postponed due after Emma wrecked her car. When the timing was right, they made plans to grab dinner at a Korean Restaurant and rewatched a Marvel movie aftward. After that first date, they both just knew that this was gonna be it for them. They had found the one their heart loves.

They talked almost every day for two weeks; Aidan made Emma one of his famous pizzas before they became famous. In a blessing and a curse kind of way, they became sick with covid and decided to quarantine together. The rest is history!

The Proposal

Proposals are a tricky thing. Sometimes they are the best-kept secret and result in one partner being completely and utterly shocked. In comparison, others couldn’t be more obvious if they were written on your partner’s head.

By the time Aidan and Emma’s relationship had reached the level of a possible proposal was around the time that Emma claimed Aidan could never surprise her. Aidan was flabbergasted that she could possibly know everything going on in his head, so of course, he was up for the challenge of proving her wrong!

Fast forward to another space and time, when Aidan and Emma found themselves in a jewelry store because Aidan wanted to look at watches. While they were there, they “accidentally” designed an engagement ring and started a payment plan for the ring and a watch within the hour.

They left the store that day, without either item in hand and one big secret plan in Aidan’s mind.

The next day, Aidan told Emma that he needed to stay late at work due to an emergency that would cause him to stay late. However, the real reason he was late to come home was because he went back to the store the jewelry store to purchase the ring in an attempt to surprise her. He succeeded.

Dream Lake Elopement with a Sunrise Hike First Look

On September 16th just before 2:30 am, Emma’s alarm went off. A few minutes later she rolled out of bed to get ready for their Dream Lake elopement. Aidan being the sweet, gentleman that he is, woke up too, so he could spend as much time possible with Emma before they said: “I do”.

They shared their first look at Dream Lake just as the sun rose over the lake. Then they made their way down the mountain, where they made a pit stop at Nymph Lake, before heading to their ceremony site at Moraine Park Amphitheater.

Have you considered having a first look at your elopement? Personally, we love them, but we also understand they aren’t for everybody. If you’re on the fence about doing a first look on your elopement day, this blog post may help you decide!

Moraine Park Amphitheater Ceremony in Rocky Mountain National Park

When Emma and Aidan arrived at Morraine Park Amphitheater for their elopement, their guests were already there. Emma linked elbows with Aidan at the top of the amphitheater and they made their way down the aisle together. To them, it was important that they start their partnership together, right off the bat.

Their ceremony began with a prayer that was led by one of their guests. Lisa, their officiant took over from there and guided them through the rest of their ceremony. With happy tears in their eyes, they shared their personal, emotional vows in front of their loved ones.

It’s always so sweet to witness the love and support surrounding two people as wonderful and kind as Emma and Aidan. They were so intentional about who they chose to celebrate their day with, which is so important when you choose to have an intimate wedding on your own terms instead of going the traditional wedding route.

They set the stage for their day from the moment they woke up, and embraced every second of it all.

After their Morraine Park ceremony, Emma, Aidan, and their guests headed to O’Conner Pavilion to celebrate over brunch! It was the perfect end to an absolutely perfect day! We are so grateful and unbelievably honored to have witnessed so much beauty and love in one magical morning!

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Vendors |

Officiant | Lisa from Ceremonies with Lisa

Dress Boutique | Altar Bridal

Dress Designer | Watters

Aiden’s Suit | Indochino

Caterer | A Spice of Life

Hair and Makeup | Kim J Beauty

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