Pros and Cons Of A First Look When You’re Eloping

Are you considering a first look for your Colorado elopement? There are so many important decisions that you are faced with when planning an elopement. Although there may be fewer decisions that you will have to make than if you were hosting a great big wedding, there seems to be added pressure placed on the ones that you do face. 

One dilemma that many eloping couples struggle with is whether or not they should have a first look. From an elopement photographer’s standpoint, there are some pros and cons that could dramatically impact your views on this modern tradition. 

Tasha and Roy’s first look before their elopement at Balistreri Vineyard in Colorado

Pro: A First Look Eliminates The Expense Of Props For Outdoor Elopements

One of the primary reasons that many couples choose to elope is to save money on some of the traditional elements that can really break a budget. However, sometimes couples will then accidentally spend a small fortune decorating the ceremony site of their elopement in order to glamorize the photos. By opting to have a first look, you can choose a second special site with a gorgeous background for your first look. You get more variety and beautiful backdrops! Not only will you save money, but then you won’t be burdened with the setup and clean-up. Talk about a win-win!

Casey and Ryan’s first look before their elopement at Sunrise Amphitheater in Boulder

Con: A First Look “Goes Against” Tradition

Elopements are already pretty nontraditional. You may embrace that fact, or having your big reveal at the end of the aisle may be one tradition that you will want to hold on to. It’s important that you perform a little check-in with yourself to make sure that the idea of your bride or groom seeing you before the actual ceremony won’t make you sad or take away from the special feelings you should be feeling on that day.

Pro: You Can Get The Formal Photos Out Of The Way if You Have a First Look

If you are anything like most couples that choose to have a first look, you’ve probably already considered the fact that getting your photos out-of-the-way first can be a plus. In fact, the reason that most couples having a traditional wedding do this is so that they can spend their reception enjoying their guests. Since you are eloping and won’t have many guests (if any!), this simply means that you and your new husband or wife will have that much more time to enjoy each other privately after the ceremony. 

Con: You May Have To Get Up Earlier

Depending on what time you choose to have your elopement ceremony, having a first look major may dramatically alter what time you need to wake up. For example, if you are planning to meet at the altar at noon or in the morning, you can pretty much bet that you’ll be waking up well before the sunrises. If you’re not a morning person or that sounds like hell on your wedding day then you may want to reconsider the timing of your ceremony or having a first-look at all. 

However, if the idea of a sunrise first look really gets you going, this turns into a Pro!

Pro: A Little Extra Comfort Before You Say “I DO”

If you’re already feeling the jitters or have a slight case of cold feet, which is totally normal, having a first look might help to calm your nerves. One of the reasons you’re marrying this person is that they have a special way of calming you down or comforting you when you’re upset and having some time to embrace one another and pose for photos before the ceremony may be just what the doctor ordered. That way, when the time comes for you to walk down the aisle, much of the pressure will already be relieved.

Would You Do A First Look For Your Elopement? Why Or Why Not?

What are your thoughts and/or stories about having a first look for your elopement wedding day versus seeing one another for the first time at the ceremony? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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