15 Things You Don’t Want To Forget To Pack For Your Hiking Elopement

As your wedding day grows closer and closer, we know how hectic or overwhelming the planning of micro details can get. In our experience, the more you plan ahead for your big day the easier it will be for you to enjoy it and handle any surprises that come up. Especially if you are planning a fun and adventurous hiking elopement! 

Take it from us, there are some rather unusual items that can make all of the difference in making your hiking elopement as enjoyable as possible that you wouldn’t normally think of including in your wedding day grab-bag. So for today’s post, we are sharing a list of 15 key items to pack and bring along so you can spend the day focusing purely on each other. 

  1. Sunscreen/bug spray (yes, the sun is bright here even in winter!)
  2. A bag to pack and throw out any trash (dog poo bags work great for this!)
  3. Warm clothing including jackets (yes, even in the summer!). Baselayers are important (Tip: Merino wool is an amazing base layer to keep you warm under wedding clothes and doesn’t smell – we all sweat, it’s okay!). Fleece-lined leggings are also easy to slip on and off under wedding dresses to keep your legs warm! Don’t forget the gloves and some cute earmuffs as well. It’s always great to have hand warmers and toe warmers if you know you’ll be having a snowy adventure!
  4. Plenty of food (snacks for shorter hikes or a meal for longer (6+ miles hikes). Trust us, you will not be happy hiking and getting married if you’re hangry.
  5. Microspikes, Crampons, or YakTrax in Winter and Spring for those icy trails.
  6. A good backpack with a hip belt – it might need to be bigger than your typical daypack to fit all the wedding accessories depending on what you have planned.
  7. Hiking shoes/boots – the proper shoes for the terrain can make or break your day.
  8. Plenty of water to stay hydrated (0.5 – 1 liter per person per hour).
  9. Headlamps if you will be hiking for sunrise or sunset.
  10. Garment bag & cords/bungee cords/carabiniers to secure your wedding clothes to the backpacks if you’re changing once you arrive at your location.
  11. Important logistical stuff – Your marriage certificate, vow books, rings, and a pen for signing the license! It would be really disappointing to forget those!
  12. A Toast – Whether it’s sparkling wine, whiskey, or a couple cans of La Croix, you’ll want a drink to celebrate!
  13. Medications, Inhalers, or Other Medical Devices – Always hike with even your just-in-case medications, including allergy medicine or an Epi-Pen if you have more severe allergies. Boost (oxygen in a can) is great to bring along if you’re having an elopement at a higher altitude than you’re used to.
  14. Mints and chapstick – gotta get ready for the big kiss!
  15. Bluetooth Speaker – for playing your special wedding playlist, or a first dance song!

We’ve even put together an Amazon List filled with our favorite hiking elopement supplies if you want an easy way to start building your elopement day go-bag! 

Want More Tips To Plan Your Dream Elopement?

If you are in the process of planning your wedding or elopement in Colorado and want the most honest and well-rounded tips to do it with ease, please feel free to browse the blog archives. This blog is designed to take the planning process from stressful to enjoyable and help you wake up with confidence on your wedding day. Even if you don’t hire us as your elopement photographer, we would love to be able to provide you with helpful tips and tricks to ensure your wedding day is even more spectacular than you ever dreamed it could be. 

Are any of these hiking elopement packing list items a surprise for you? What did you need to make sure to pack? Comment below!

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