Colorado Hiking Elopement: Why You Should Hike On Your Wedding Day

Colorado Hiking Elopement

There are so many wonderful and unique ways for two people to come together in love and make an eternal promise of marriage, but choosing to have a Colorado hiking elopement is one of our favorites! One of the growing trends that we are thrilled to see many couples adopting is to hike to their elopement ceremony location. This may sound extremely unconventional or even challenging, but the truth is that a hiking elopement can be one of the most exquisitely romantic ways to exchange your vows. 

Keep in mind, hiking doesn’t have to mean waking up at 2 am and climbing a 14er (it’s also allowed to be if that’s what you want out of your elopement experience!). Having a hiking elopement can range from a mild short hike to something a little more extreme and with lots of options in between! Never be afraid to incorporate a hiking experience into your Colorado elopement that is true to you two as a couple!

In today’s post, I’ll share a few of the biggest reasons why so many couples are ditching the traditional ceremony and opting for a more intimate and adventurous elopement. If you and your partner are lovers of the outdoors, you owe it to yourself to read today’s post and consider these points.  

A Sapphire Point Colorado hiking elopement during winter
Christina and Nicholas’ hiking elopement in Breckenridge photographed by team photographer Isabelle

It Is An Expression Of Who You Are As A Couple

One of the main reasons that a lot of couples are choosing a hiking elopement is because they feel as though it is a true expression of who they are as people and as a couple overall. If you and your soon-to-be-spouse love to celebrate the outdoors, enjoy hiking, exploring, and adventure in general, you might agree. 

Your wedding or elopement ceremony is an important marriage milestone and it should be about the two of you, who you are, your love, and the promises that you are making to one another. So if you have been spending your relationship embracing life’s adventures, just imagine how symbolic and meaningful it will be for you to begin the adventure of marriage with an adventurous ceremony!

A sweet and simple sunrise elopement with an epic Colorado view and a mild hike
Lauren and Michael’s hiking elopement in Boulder photographed by team photographer Natasha

A Colorado Tradition You Can Treasure Forever

Weddings are usually filled with many different types of traditions. For some couples, the idea of hiking as part of an elopement ceremony can be scary because it seems as though you will have to sacrifice all of that tradition but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your wedding day can include as much tradition as you wish. In fact, I talk about some of the ways you can incorporate traditions in your elopement here

As a bonus, just imagine how romantic it would be for you and your spouse to return and make that same hike to that very same ceremony location on anniversaries?! Unlike the traditional venue sites which are shared by thousands and thousands of people, this will be a far more personal tradition the two of you can share between you. 

A couple with their kids hikes during their snowy elopement near Copper Mountain
Megan and Will’s hiking elopement with kids near Vail Colorado

Hiking for your Colorado Elopement Can Really Elevate The Entire Experience

There is a reason why people love to hike; it is a beautiful, fun, and exhilarating way to truly appreciate the natural splendor of the planet. You’re already going to be on cloud nine on your wedding day and including a hike as a part of the experience can make the entire thing more memorable. It can even act as an additional bonding experience – as if the ceremony isn’t enough of one.

A Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado sunrise hike before their wedding ceremony in Estes Park
Amymarie and Sebastian hiked at sunrise before their wedding at Chapel on the Rock in Estes Park

Your Hiking Elopement Photographs Will Be Unique

While we’re firm believers that the stories behind all the photos are unique, we also firmly believe that if you love the idea of your wedding photos being different, eye-catching, dramatic works of art worthy of being hung on your wall, you should consider a wedding hike! The scenery and the views will only serve to make your wedding photos really pop and make them worthy of a spot above your couch.

Bride and groom hike to lost gulch overlook for their Colorado elopement
Kristen and Kevin had a mellow hike to their mountain overlook elopement location – photographed by team photographer Natasha

Considering A Colorado Hiking Elopement?

Who can blame you?! It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that you will both treasure for the rest of your lives. We’d love to have the honor of helping you plan and photograph your hiking elopement in Colorado and ensure that you walk away with photos that honestly capture your story and the power of your love. For more information, reach out and let’s get this adventure started!

Coming Soon – Our favorite Colorado Elopement Locations that incorporate hiking!

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