Shelby & Michael’s Moraine Park Amphitheater Elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park

Shelby & Michael’s Moraine Park Amphitheater elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park was a day that we will live rent-free in our minds for a long time. Being able to document a day that is filled with so much love, joy, and intention is always an honor. We couldn’t help but want to relive it with all of you.

Shelby & Michael’s Love Story

Shelby and Michael owe the start of their relationship to good old Mark Zuckerburg, but mostly just Facebook. It was there that they had their first interaction. When Micahel sent Shelby a private message about something, she had posted. The conversation continued until he eventually asked her out on a date. Not really thinking much of it, she said yes. Safe to say the sparks were flying on that first date, which kept them chatting in a parking lot until three in the morning. Shelby tells us there was an instant connection between the two of them. A connection that has kept them together ever since.

The Proposal

Michael planned a long weekend trip for the two of them to Colorado. A nice little getaway that included skiing, going out to nice dinners, and exploring all Colorado has to offer. At the weekend’s end, he took Shelby up to Loveland Pass on a snowy winter day and proposed. She, of course, said yes once again (this time with much more excitement).

Shelby tells us they fell in love with the state during that visit and couldn’t think of anywhere more fitting to say “I do.” 

Their Colorado Elopement Experience

On August 24th, Shelby and Michael returned to Colorado for their elopement at Moraine Park Amphitheater in Rocky Mountain National Park.

They started their day at an Estes Park Airbnb, where they got ready. Their little girl was there to help Shelby put the final touches on her wedding day attire, and it was probably the cutest thing we’d ever seen.

A beautiful bride looks at her gorgeous white wedding gown on her wedding day.
The gorgeous bride holds her wedding dress up in front of her little girl as if she is wearing it. She had a big smile on her face.
The beautiful bride kisses her little girl while getting ready, wearing her wedding dress.

After they finished getting ready, they shared their first look at the Airbnb so they could venture into Rocky Mountain National Park together for epic wedding portraits on Trail Ridge Road. Fun fact: the elevation on Trail Ridge Road is 12,183′. The road is typically only open from late June – September, so if you have the opportunity to take photos there on your wedding or elopement day, you don’t want to miss it!

The groom, wearing a tan suit waits patiently for a first look with his bride.
The bride walks towards her groom who is blindfolded, waiting for her arrival for their first look.
The groom turns to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day. His eyes are still covered with a a blue eye mask with gold eye lashes.
The big reveal! The groom removes his eye mask to his bride. He's overjoyed with happiness.
The bride and groom look eye to eye after their first look.

Their Elopement Portraits on Trail Ridge Road

The bride and groom look lovingly at each other on the trail.
The Bride looks back her groom behind her, ever so in love.
The groom kisses his beautiful bride on the cheek the wind blows in her veil.
The groom holds his bride as they kiss on the mountain top.
The bride in her veil, looks lovingly at her husband
The bride and groom kiss at sunset in the valley.
the Bride and groom nose to nose for couples portraits.
The groom holds his bride as they look lovingly at eachother.

Their Elopement at Moraine Park Amphitheater

The groom hold his little girl up to the sky, as the mother looks at her lovingly.
The bride holds her young daughter under her veil and kisses her cheek.

They were joined by their loved ones for the intimate ceremony at Moraine Park Amphitheater. During their ceremony, they did a ring-warming ritual. For those who don’t know, a ring-warming ceremony is a ritual that invites guests to warm their rings with wishes for the couple before they exchange them. It’s a special way to honor the couple and also include the guests.

The ceremony - the groom and the officiant standing at the front of the ceremony, waiting for the bride.
The father of the bride shakes the grooms hand at the front of the ceremony. The bride wipes her tears. The officiant smiles in the background at the exchange.
The father of the bride hugs his daughter, the bride. The groom looks at them with love in his eyes.
The father of the bride hands the groom the box with their rings from the ring-ceremony.
The groom places the ring on his bride's finger. She smiles happily.
The bride and groom stand together at the front of the ceremony, holding hands looking at the each other.
The bride and groom embrace their young daughter after their ceremony.
the bride and groom kiss at the top of the amphitheater with their guests behind them

One of our favorite photo opportunities during an elopement at Moraine Park Amphitheater is to have the couple stop at the top of the stairs after their ceremony recessional and kiss with all of their guests in the riser seating behind them!

Their Sunset Portraits in Moraine Valley

Just a quick drive down the road is a gorgeous spot called Moraine Valley. This gorgeous view is a must for portraits either before or after an elopement at Moraine Park Amphitheater!

The groom in a meadow.
The beautiful bride with her veil blowing in the wind.
The bride and groom kiss as the sunlight dances on their face.
The bride and groom look at each other during sunset in the valley.

Dreaming of getting married at Morraine Park Amphitheater? Head over to our Rocky Mountain National Park elopement guide for everything you need to know about getting married in the park!

Photographer | Sharee of @coloradophotographersquad 
Elopement Location | Moraine Park Amphitheater 
Officiant | Ceremonies with Lisa
Make-up | Bella Capelli 
Guitarist | Alan Skowron
Estes Park Florist | Enchanted Florist

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