Boulder Elopement Videography on Flagstaff Mountain | Lesa & Tyler

Lesa and Tyler were envisioning a whimsical elopement experience, and we found the perfect location to make the magic happen. However, Mother Nature decided to spice it up even MORE in the form of freshly snowcapped mountain peaks as their ceremony backdrop, crepuscular sun rays, dramatic skies all evening long, wildflower-filled meadows, an adorable little deer as a wildlife witness and an absolutely stunning sunset.

Needless to say, there was a lot of magic that took place on the mountain during Lesa and Tyler’s Boulder Elopement. Thankfully, our videography team was there to capture every second of their sweet love story. A love story we can hardly wait to share with you now.

Their Love Story

Lesa and Tyler’s paths first crossed while working at the same company. Lesa was instantly attracted to Tyler, who was rocking a mullet at the time. Still, they spent the next year and a half getting to know each other better before they officially started dating. On their first real date, Tyler invited Lesa over to his house for dinner. Lesa tells us something happened after Tyler burned the pan for the steaks that would make him blush. We didn’t get the chance to ask him about the infamous pan incident. However, we can’t help but believe that it must’ve been something pretty magical because they’ve been together ever since.

The Proposal

Choosing the perfect ring for your partner is no small feat. There are a lot of decisions to make and an equal amount of pressure to choose the right one. Tyler knew this challenge well and worried about picking the wrong ring for Lesa, so he asked her to go with him to help pick out the right one.

Tyler held onto that perfect ring for the next three or so months, making Lesa think he was having second thoughts because he hadn’t proposed. Then one night, at his hockey game, he tossed Lesa a puck that read, “Will you marry me?” He proposed to her in full hockey gear; she, of course, said “yes,” and then he played his heart out for her.

Lesa and Tyler’s Boulder Elopement

On a gorgeous summer day in June, the sun beamed down upon Boulder, casting its golden rays upon Lesa and Tyler, whose love radiated brighter than ever before.

They started their elopement off with a very sweet and emotional first look; before making their way up to Dream Point Overlook for their intimate ceremony.

Deciding to elope means you can pick and choose which traditions, if any, you want to incorporate into your day. If you’re on the fence about doing a first look, be sure to check out our blog below.

Lesa and Tyler are very private about their relationship. So they decided to keep their Boulder elopement to just the two of them. However, that didn’t stop them from including their loved ones in their day in other meaningful ways.

They asked their parents to write letters to them since they couldn’t physically be there. Then they had their officiant, Lisa, read them to kick off their ceremony. Their words spoke of love, endless support, and advice on matters of the heart.

Lesa, adorned in a flowing lace gown, looked ethereal against the backdrop of the rugged landscape. Her radiant smile mirrored the warmth of the sun, while her groom, in his tailored suit, couldn’t take his eyes off of his stunning bride.

Lesa and Tyler stood hand in hand with the majestic Rocky Mountains in the distance as they embarked on their own journey of love and commitment. They shared their vows their vows that were carried by the gentle mountain breeze. With every word spoken, the world seemed to pause as if to honor the profoundness of their union. Tears of joy shimmered in their eyes as they sealed their promises with a tender kiss, embracing the promise of forever amidst the enchantment of that perfect Boulder summer day.

After their heartfelt ceremony, the newlyweds celebrated their love with a whimsical hillside picnic nestled amidst the breathtaking Colorado mountains. Spread out upon a cozy checkered blanket, they indulged in cupcakes and sipped on bubbly champagne. With each bite, they savored not just the delicious treats but the moments of bliss in this serene oasis.

They ended their day soaking in the breathtaking Colorado sunset and their first official one as husband and wife.

The bride and grooms "just married" signage in sticks during their Boulder elopement with videography.

Looking for unique ways to incorporate your loved ones in your intimate elopement?

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Boulder Elopement Videography

Picture this: you and your partner embark on an epic elopement adventure in beautiful Boulder. Every moment is better than the last. Full of those adrenaline-pumping hikes, romantic exchanges, and jaw-dropping scenery.

As a kickass Boulder elopement videography and photography team, we know how important it is to have both video and photos to capture every breathtaking moment. Having a Boulder elopement videographer and photographer means we can split up and capture different angles simultaneously. Our goal? To create a visual masterpiece that not only freezes those magical moments in time but also brings them to life. So, let us be your adventure elopement dream team! We will ensure that every exhilarating step, every heartfelt exchange, and every breathtaking view are forever etched in your memory.

Check out Lesa and Tyler’s Boulder Elopement video! Fair warning, it will pull at your heartstrings.

If you need more convincing, or just love as much as we do, check out this Lost Gulch video below!

Dress: David’s Bridal and Oleg Cassini
Rings: Robbins Brothers

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