Brianna and Holly’s Intimate Summit County Elopement at Sunset

Two star-crossed lovers, a flawless golden-hour sunset, meaningful Jewish traditions, and their furchild, Sophia are just a few of the intentional details that make Brianna and Holly’s intimate Summit County Elopement so memorable.

Their Love Story

Brianna and Holly originally met through Tinder. They were both coming out of a long-term relationship and had no intention of jumping into another one so soon. However, as fate would have it, when they “officially” met, there was an instant chemistry that neither of them could ignore. After their first date (which lasted two days longer than they had planned), they both dated other people. Yet, they kept coming back to each other. Eventually, they decided to stop playing games and admit their feelings for one another. 

The Proposal

Over the next two years, Holly and Brianna would develop a mutual love for going to the movies together. In fact, it became one of their favorite things to do as a couple. One particular day, when heading to see a movie, Holly pulled out her phone to show Brianna this “new movie” preview that was coming out. The “new movie” was a faux movie that Holly had put together to propose to Brianna. She had compiled a montage of pictures and videos from their 2-year relationship and even included the green preview rating slide to surprise her beloved. Of course, Brianna was surprised and, through happy tears, said “yes”!⁠ 

Their Summit County Elopement

Brianna and Holly chose to elope in Colorado because it’s where they took their first trip together. They also both love the mountains and just the general Colorado vibe. They also liked the idea of doing a self-solemnized ceremony so that they didn’t have to have anyone else present – besides their sweet pup Sophia, of course. So on the evening of June 28th, just before sunset, they headed to Summit County for their intimate elopement.

Hitting golden hour was a top priority for these two who dreamed of a moody, artsty, mellow elopement experience. We met the two of them, and their pup Sophia, around 6 pm in Summit County. They read their hand-written vows to each other, and then, through bursts of laughter and happy tears, they exchanged their rings. After, in honor of Holly’s Jewish heritage, they had a glass breaking ceremony and signed a gorgeous, custom-made Ketubah!

We love seeing the different ways couples include parts of themselves and their story into their day, and Holly and Brianna’s day was no exception. Not only did they incorporate these beautiful Jewish traditions, but they also dressed up their sweet pup with an “I do too” collar for the occasion.

After their intimate sunset ceremony it was time to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly. Then we captured their love between rays of sunlgith during golden-hour, just as they had been dreaming of.

We are big fans of sunset elopements, especially in Summit County. Not only are the portraits absolutely glowing, but oftentimes there are very few, if any, other visitors around. Making it an ideal time for couples who seek that intimate elopement experience.

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Elopement details including rings and traditional jewish glass.

Brianna and Holly’s intimate ceremony in Summit County was personal, intentional and full of love. They were both so excited to start this new chapter of their life together, and to share this special, meaningful moment just the two (three) of them.

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Vendors from Summit County Elopement

Ketubah | Ketubah

Brianna’s ring | Albrecht Jewelry

Smash Glass | Shukis Judaica

Holly’s Tie & Pocket Square |

Brianna’s dress | David’s bridal

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