Summer Elopement at 3M Curve in Rocky Mountain National Park

This summer elopement at 3M Curve was an absolute dream. Bailey and Cody started as middle school pals. Then, they turned into high school sweethearts and then had a romantic proposal in a snowstorm. When it was time to tie the knot, they knew they needed a backdrop as epic as their journey. So, a destination elopement in Colorado was the obvious choice.

Their Love Story

Cody and Bailey first met in middle school when Cody moved to her hometown. She actually became his first friend upon his arrival. They stayed friends throughout middle school and into high school. Then, their decade-long friendship became something more when senior year rolled around. They went to the movie theater for their first date to see XXX. After that first date, they started to spend every weekend together, which turned into every day.

The Proposal

Here comes another full-circle moment, and you know we love those. The night Cody proposed to Bailey, they went to one of her all-time favorite date spots. Which happened to be the exact place they went on their first date – the movie theater. The show that was playing? Spiderman: No Way Home. Cody is an absolute Spiderman fanatic, while Bailey adores superheroes and movies. So, it couldn’t have been a more perfect match. It’s like their interests aligned in the most serendipitous way possible.

As they stepped out of the theater after the movie, something truly magical unfolded before their eyes. They were greeted by a gentle snowstorm, painting the night in shimmering white flakes. It was as if nature rejoiced in their love story, adding a romantic touch to their unforgettable evening. There, amid the snow-painted parking lot, with delicate snow flurries dancing gracefully around them, Cody asked Bailey the most important question of their lives: “Will you marry me?”. In that magical moment, as Bailey eagerly shouted “yes,” she couldn’t help but feel like they had just stepped into the leading roles of the most beautiful rom-com ever created.

And just like that, a new chapter in their extraordinary love story began. 

Summer Elopement at 3M Curve

Bailey and Cody envisioned a wedding that would be magical in its own right and set in a breathtaking location, creating memories they could cherish forever through photographs. They yearned for an intimate ceremony surrounded by family and believed eloping would be the perfect way to achieve their dream. They weren’t wrong.

Being avid lovers of the great outdoors who relish spending their days basking in the sunshine, surrounded by their cherished family and friends. It’s no surprise that summertime stole their hearts, making the decision of when to elope an absolute breeze. When choosing the ideal backdrop for their special day, they couldn’t think of anything more perfect than a summer elopement at the 3M Curve. It’s the perfect blend of natural beauty and a serene atmosphere, providing the picture-perfect setting for their intimate celebration.

In the heart of June, on a gorgeous summer day, Bailey, Cody, and their families gathered at the breathtaking 3M Curve for their intimate elopement ceremony. As the ceremony approached, Bailey shared a touching first-look moment with her father. Happy tears welled up in their eyes, filled with love and joy. Moments of pride and tender embraces were exchanged, culminating in Bailey’s father proudly escorting her down the aisle.

At the altar, Cody stood tall and radiant, brimming with anticipation for the arrival of his beloved bride. But before he embraced their future together, he had a heartfelt hug with Bailey’s Father.

Their intimate ceremony was short but sweet. They exchanged their vows and rings before sealing their love with a kiss. It was a laidback yet meaningful ceremony – exactly as they had envisioned.

After their 3M Curve elopement and a few family portraits, the newlyweds explored the stunning park as husband and wife.

Are you dreaming about getting married somewhere in our beloved Rocky Mountain National Park? Be sure to check our resource below! We’ve laid out everything you need to know to have the elopement of your dreams!

Portraits at Alluvial Fan Bridge & Waterfall

Bailey and Cody were determined to immerse themselves in the endless summer hours of their cherished season. Following their intimate elopement at 3M Curve, we ventured towards the captivating Alluvial Fan Bridge & Waterfall. It was the ideal location for capturing essential bridal portraits, brimming with natural beauty. The newlyweds radiated with pure joy and an undeniable glow as they explored the picturesque landscape.

In the midst of their adventure, something truly spontaneous and delightful happened. They kicked off their Converse shoes and took a daring plunge into the invigoratingly cold water together! Can you imagine the sheer exhilaration and laughter that filled the air? It was a magical moment that perfectly encapsulated their playful and free-spirited love.

Life is full of unexpected, joyous surprises, and it’s these moments that truly make memories that last a lifetime. 

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Officiant | Ceremonies with Lisa

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