Josh & Sasha’s Boulder Hiking Elopement at Dream Point

Sasha and Josh had always loved the outdoors and wanted a unique elopement experience reflecting their adventurous spirit. After hearing their dreams for their day, we collectively decided a Boulder hiking elopement would be the perfect fit! They had an intimate elopement ceremony, just the two of them, on a stunning overlook near Realization Point. The spot is not currently on the trail map and is nameless. So we fittingly decided to name it “Dream Point,” because it really is dreamy. 

Their Love Story

Sasha and Josh first met through a mutual friend. Their first date was at Logan’s roadhouse, where they shared a meal and got to know each other better. Sasha told us that Josh ordered a Texas tea and asked her to try it. His kind gesture didn’t go unnoticed and is something he still does to this day. Regardless if it’s something they’ve never tried or had a million times, he always puts her first.

The Proposal

How do you surprise someone who wants to be surprised but always ruins the surprises? This was Josh’s dilemma when it came time to ask Sasha to marry him. That and the fact that she mentioned wanting to be engaged by New Year’s Eve.

He planned the big proposal for Christmas Eve to make her wish come true. He asked her if she wanted to take their dogs on a walk down by the river. Although she had requested the dogs be involved in the proposal, she denied his request because it was freezing outside. His original plan may have been a miss, but he was determined. So, he walked into the bedroom where Sasha was, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him.

Needless to say, she was surprised, and the dogs were there as witnesses.

Their Boulder Hiking Elopement

Sasha and Josh on a beautiful summer evening in May. They started their adventure at sunset with a mellow hike to a secret and secluded elopement location. The spot that we have deemed “Dream Point” is near Artist Point, Realization Point, and Mary’s Point.

Dream Point is a stunning overlook on Flagstaff Mountain that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. It was here that they shared their handwritten vows with each other.

We love Sasha’s iconic pantsuit that she chose to wear! It was the perfect choice for their adventurous elopement!

If you’re on the hunt for what to wear for your elopement adventure, we can help!

After the ceremony, the two explored the scenic trails together while collecting small rocks for their keepsake jar. A jar that houses a variety of rocks from their adventures together.

They had so much adventuring down the trails and taking photos along the way. Then they found the perfect spot to snuggle up together to watch a gorgeous Colorado sunset.

Sasha and Josh’s destination elopement in Colorado was an unforgettable experience. One that perfectly captured their love for each other and the great outdoors. We’re so glad to have helped them plan their Boulder hiking elopement experience for their destination elopement in Colorado!

Are you planning to hike during your Colorado elopement adventure? We highly recommend you do!

A testimonial from Sasha after their Boulder Hiking Elopement near Realization Point.

Photography by Isabelle from Colorado Photographer Squad

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