Alexander and Jenna’s Winter Park Elopement in Colorado

In the heart of winter, amidst the stunning, snow-capped mountains of the Colorado Rockies, Jenna and Alexander had the sweetest Winter Park elopement. The snow was knee-deep in some places, and Mother Nature was cheering them on with some howling winter wind, but there’s nothing like some bubbly and beers and a whole lot of love to keep you warm.

Their Love Story

Jenna and Alex’s paths first crossed on a faithful, rainy day during a UGA Alabama game. Jenna was going to school at UGA along with Alex’s younger brother. Alex had come to visit his brother and watch the big game. They met while hanging out at the same tailgate and ended up talking. It absolutely poured down rain throughout the entire game. Which forced the group to head back to a friend’s house to dry off. And let’s just say the tailgate ended up being the real MVP in this love story. As they ended up hanging out for the rest of the night after they left that magical little tailgate.

At the time, neither of them thought it would turn into much more that. Yet, here they are 7 years later, having a Winter Park elopement in Colorado.

Their Proposal

These two outdoor adventurers got engaged while hiking in Shenandoah National Park. Alex had the ring stuffed in the bottom of their backpack (which Jenna ended up carrying for a while). Once they reached the top, Alex immediately tried to scout out a private place to go away from the crowds. Jenna could tell something was probably going to happen because he just couldn’t find a spot to relax. So, they decided to start hiking back down. Little did Jenan know, he had a backup plan for another place. About 3 minutes into the walk back down, their dog requested a bathroom break. While they were waiting, they noticed a clearing they could see just off the trail. So, they hiked over to check it out. It was the perfect spot to have their “top of the mountain” victory beers and relax for a while. Jenna took a seat to take in the view. Meanwhile, Alex started searching in the backpack. Jenna could hear the cans rattling as he rummaged his way to the bottom of the bag. She knew that he wasn’t looking for the beers. Then he asked, and of course, she said yes!

Winter Park Elopement

They chose to elope in Colorado because they had made so fond outdoor adventure memories here over the years. Of course, realizing that they could legally marry themselves without an officiant was a big plus too. This was huge to them, as Jenna and Alex are fairly private people about their relationship and their emotions. They knew from the beginning that they wanted their day to be an intimate celebration just for them.

So they planned a private, secret Winter Park elopement on a snowy, brisk winter’s day in January. They stood together, hand in hand, and read their personal vows to each other. It was so important to them that their day was just for them. A day that gave them the chance to really lean into each other and embrace their special time together.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature and the warmth of their love, they exchanged their rings and said, “I do”.

While their love was undeniably warming their hearts, a little celebratory and bubbly and beer also helped.

It was an unforgettable day and a winter park elopement that will be a cherished memory for years to come.

Bride and groom walking in the snow at their winter park elopement.
Winter Park elopement champagne GIF

Their Reception and Surprise Elopement Announcement

Jenna and Alex kept their Winter Park elopement a secret initially. They waited until their wedding reception in May when they could make the announcement to their family and friends. We’ve been so excited to share these incredible photos from their day now that they’ve announced their surprise!

Choosing to elope without your loved one isn’t an easy decision. Sometimes, it’s even more challenging to share the news that you’ve decided to elope. We understand, which is why we wrote this blog to help make it easier for you!

A little note on Self Solemnization in Colorado…

Self-solemnization is a unique and convenient option for couples seeking to celebrate their love in Colorado. In this state, individuals can legally officiate their own ceremony without the need for an ordained officiant or any witnesses. Whether it’s just the couple, like Jenna and Alex’s Winter Park elopement, or a small gathering surrounded by the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, couples can exchange their vows and declare their commitment to one another in a self-guided, heartfelt manner.

Taylor and Blayke chose to self-solemnize during their elopement but were surrounded by their loved ones. Check out all the details from their intimate elopement day below!

Photographer: Marta with @coloradophotographersquad
HMUA: Peyton Short with The Salon at Winter Park

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