Butterfly Pavilion Wedding in Westminister Colorado | Lindsey and Albert

Butterfly Pavilion Wedding Venue in Westminister

Can you imagine saying “I do” in a stunning glass atrium surrounded by 1,600 butterflies? This experience is entirely possible at The Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado. The Butterfly Pavilion is a unique and breathtaking venue that offers a magical atmosphere for weddings. It was the perfect choice for Lindsey and Albert, whose love story is the epitome of magical.

Their Love Story

Lindsey and Albert’s love story began on a summer evening at La Rumba. La Rumba is a Latin dance club where they were both regulars. Of course, neither of them knew this at the time.

This particular evening was written in the stars. It was an evening that would inevitably change the course of both their lives. Lindsey was there with one of her best girlfriends. The two had been dancing the night away. Until a dapper gentleman approached Lindsey and asked for a dance. Lindsey is not one to turn down a dance. Especially with a handsome man, so of course, she said yes.

That first dance changed everything. They had so much instant chemistry they couldn’t stop after just one song. Lindsey and Albert were on fire, and sparks flew through every twist, turn, shimmy, shake, and dip. The two danced together for the next 5 songs, from Reggaeton to Bachata and every genre in between. Passion was alive in La Bamba that night; not even their language barrier could kill the chemistry between them.

When the music stopped at the night’s end – they went their separate ways. However, they both left with bigger hearts and hope for what the future might hold.

Lindsey was hopeful she would see Albert again and connect on a deeper level. She was also determined. She spent time learning how to speak some basic Spanish. Most importantly, “¿quieres bailar?” (do you want to dance?). A phrase she would practice consistently until she returned to La Bamba, with the hope of crossing paths with her Latin lover.

Unfortunately, on her first night back at the club, Albert was nowhere to be found. Thankfully, our dancing queen didn’t give up hope. Lindsey returned the following weekend, and there he was. This time, Lindsey did the talking. She surprised Albert by asking him to dance in Spanish. The sparks continued to fly; they both knew they had found something special in each other.

The two exchanged numbers before the night’s end. And just like that, the second chapter of their love story began.

A Butterfly Pavilion Wedding

Lindsey and Albert’s love was anything but ordinary. Which meant they wanted a wedding day that reflected their unique love story. Enter: The Butterfly Pavilion in West Minister. The Pavilion is a lush tropical rainforest environment, AKA a Butterfly paradise! With its impressive glass atrium and picturesque outdoor gardens, the Butterfly Pavilion was the perfect, dreamlike setting for Lindsey and Albert’s big day!

They had an intimate ceremony with their closest family and friends right there in the Pavilion. They shared their very sweet vows before releasing a cage of butterflies into the tropical oasis. It truly was something out of a dream. The love they had for each other was so pure. The spark that started it all was once again alive in well in the Butterfly Pavilion.

Their intimate wedding day ended back at the same place where their love story began. La Rumba. Safe to say, the sparks will all aglow, and their passion for dancing and each other continued to grow.

We are big fans of the Butterfly Pavilion for couples who want to exchange their vows in a memorable way. Of course, Colorado has a ton of unique wedding venues perfect for micro-weddings, like Lindsey and Alberts. One of the more underrated but equally stunning venues is Golden Gate Canyon, State Park.

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